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200 amp electrical upgrade by knorr electrical contractor

200 Amp Electrical Service Panel Upgrade

The service or circuit panel is an important component of every because it allows the system to function properly. A 100-amp service panel should be the minimum, and in fact, that’s what many older homes in the area still have. However, this is probably not enough for modern homes that are equipped with heavy-duty HVAC units, large appliances, entertainment systems, computers, an electric car charger, and an ever-growing number of devices.

Greater capacity is the key benefit derived from a 200 amp service panel upgrade. This should be seriously considered when you are making any large improvements to your home, such as:

  • A kitchen renovation

  • An addition or new room construction

  • A home office installation

  • A new central HVAC system

  • An EV charging system


Increased Capability and Safety

One benefit often overlooked that’s gained from upgrading to a 200 amp service panel is its greater size, which can accommodate additional circuits. This gives an electrical system more capability and flexibility because more circuits can be used. They can be distributed more evenly throughout a house to service appliances and equipment, which do not have to be confined to a particular area. A bigger service panel also significantly decreases the danger of overloading, which may lead to short-circuiting and fires.

Future Demands

No matter the age of your home, it would be wise to ensure its service panel is functioning properly and capable of meeting the electrical demands of your household. Even if it’s in great shape, its amperage may not be adequate for the future. If you have plans to remodel your home, upgrading to a 200-amp will ensure that your electrical system will be ready for additional demands. The average household is always increasing the number of electronic devices used. And if you want to install smart home technology, you will definitely need more electricity.

close up of fuse box

You need a licensed and insured electrical contractor to upgrade your service panel.

You can trust KNORR Electrical Contractor to provide expert service and advice to a homeowner in Delaware and Montgomery Counties. We will meet with you, inspect your current service panel, and advise on how to properly upgrade so that you can safely use the electricity in your home. We can even move the service panel to a more convenient location in your home!

200 amp electrical upgrade by knorr electrical contractor

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