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ev charger connected to electric car

EV Chargers

As more people are “going green” in their everyday lives, the popularity of electric vehicles is growing. This new mode of transportation necessitates some modifications to home electrical systems, so EV owners will have enough energy to quickly and safely charge their vehicles. If you buy an EV tomorrow, your standard home outlets would probably not provide enough power to charge your car efficiently.

KNORR Electrical Contractor has the experience to upgrade your home electric to meet the needs of this next generation of automotive travel.

Popular types of EV Chargers

Level 1

Many EV manufacturers provide a Level 1 charger with their cars. This is a standard charger that uses your current home electrical capabilities, and it is best suited for slower overnight charges. This may be all the power you need for a hybrid.

Level 2

A better option for rapid charging is a Level 2 charger. Installed by an electrician, these require a dedicated 240-volt circuit for a current strong enough to charge an electric vehicle faster than overnight. This level adds up to 70 miles of range for each hour of charging and is the most popular charger among owners of all electric cars.

Level 3

Level 3 is the fastest charging station; however, it requires an industrial supply of power. Typically, this is a commercial application one does not find in homes. But the benefit of Level 3 chargers is they can charge your car battery to 80% in about 30 minutes time.

Electric Car Charging Station

Helping you navigate the world of electric vehicles

For many people, understanding this new technology is not easy. Not only does an EV owner need to decide about which level of charger to have installed, but also where to locate it for optimum car charging. KNORR Electrical Contractor can help! When you call us at (610) 579-1056, you can be confident you will be getting expert guidance on what will best serve your needs. 

Electric Car Charger

Call (610) 579-1056 today to schedule a free consultation and learn more about our EV charging station installation, or send us a message.

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