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white ceramic knobs and metal tube wiring in an older home

Knob & Tube Remediation

We live in an area rich with history and many architectural styles. Many homes throughout Delaware County and Montgomery County are older, and you may discover before or after you move into your home that there are potentially hazardous electrical issues. Knob and Tube wiring could be one of them. This type of wiring was popular in homes built before the 1950s, and is characterized by wires running through ceramic or porcelain tubes.

While properly installed and maintained knob and tube is not always a sign of a fire hazard, there are a couple of issues that could prove a problem even when it’s safe. Some insurance companies may charge higher premiums for homeowners’ insurance in a home with knob and tube wiring, or not be willing to write a policy at all. And given the number of appliances and electronic devices most families use these days, it is almost certain that knob and tube wiring will not provide sufficient power for your needs. Another consideration is that the insulation for knob and tube wiring is made of rubber, which could degrade over time, and increase the risk of a fire starting in your home. 

When it’s time to call KNORR Electrical Contractor

If you don’t find knob and tube wiring in your home, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you don’t have it. It could be hiding in the walls! But if you do find these distinctive-looking wires in your basement or attic, it’s time to call an experienced electrician. At the very least, you will want to have this system inspected for safety. And you will most likely decide to replace your knob and tube system with modern wiring immediately or in the near future. safely remove and replace them with updated wiring.

Image by Corey O'Brien

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