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landscape lighting

Exterior Lighting

As with all major electrical work, installing landscape and security lighting in Delaware County and Montgomery County is best done by a licensed electrician. If not installed and wired properly, outdoor lighting systems run the risk of becoming a fire hazard. KNORR Electrical Contractor has decades of experience, and we are fully trained in the proper installation of all exterior lighting types. We will ensure that your home is properly lit, safe, and secure. We’re licensed and insured, and we guarantee all of our work.


Landscape Lighting

You’d be surprised how lighting can transform your outdoor space! And dollar for dollar, an investment in outdoor lighting will increase the value of your home more than expensive landscaping. Whether for your deck, patio, walkway, or garden, landscape lighting can create inviting spaces all around your home you’ll want to spend more time in. Illuminating outdoor spaces will make them safer for your guests and boost your home’s curb appeal.

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Security Lighting and Systems

Protecting your home can be as easy as creatively installed security lighting. Bright nighttime lighting in important areas around your property can deter unwanted guests. From timed flood lights to motion-activated spotlights, Knorr Electrical Contractor can install them all. And if you need a more complex security system, Knorr can help by installing Ring cameras as well as other brands of smart home technology.

outdoor flood lights on a home installed by KNORR

For high-quality exterior lighting solutions installed with expert care, trust KNORR Electrical Contractor to illuminate your Delaware or Montgomery County home.
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