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Recessed Lighting

When you have old, outdated overhead lighting, it can leave your home feeling dim and uninviting, aside from being a potential fire risk. Recessed lighting is not an easy do-it-yourself project. It takes a skilled electrician to safely install or replace recessed lighting in your home.

What is recessed lighting?

Also known as a downlight or can light, a recessed light fixture is installed in a hollow opening in a ceiling. It gives the look of glowing light from the ceiling, which provides concentrated light to a certain area. It’s also an energy-efficient option for businesses and homeowners alike. The intensity of the light depends on the bulb that you’re using, so this can serve both as ambient or task lighting, and even make your space look larger.

Where can I use recessed lighting in my home?

Depending upon your taste and needs, there are many locations in your home where recessed lighting would be a great choice. Some of the most popular are:

  • Multi-use rooms. There’s also the option to add a dimmer to the lighting system for added versatility.

  • Task lighting in your kitchen or bathroom

  • Accent lighting

  • Spotlighting walls to showcase decorative artwork or memorabilia

  • Wall-washing, to make the space appear bigger

  • Downlighting brightens an entire room.

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Where should overhead lighting be placed in my rooms? 

Both pendulum and chandelier lighting are upscale statement lighting that needs expert placement and installation. When you think of either option, most homeowners opt for pendulum lighting in the kitchen, whereas a chandelier can be installed in many different rooms.


Before you head on over to your home improvement store, call Knorr Electrical Contractor, and we will meet with you one-on-one to discuss the various options for your space, function, and preferred finishes.

Enlist a lighting pro to bring a new warmth to your home

Yes, a handyman can install indoor lighting. But why not work with an expert who can inspect your space and assess your needs to create the most effective lighting solutions in your home? KNORR Electrical Contractor will meet with you in your home, and discuss the many options available using recessed, pendulums, chandeliers, and other lighting systems to transform your home. 

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